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MARVEL TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) CO.,LTD, as a member of & Marvel Tech Group, was established in 2001, invested by Shenzhen 
municipal government to engage in varied multimedia LCD commercial display equipment research and development, production, sales 
as one of national high-tech enterprises. 

Through the past 19 years of development, MARVEL has already owned more than 6000 square meters of modern assembly workshop,
We have numerous patents including but not limited to, 5 invention patents, 12 software copyrights and 11 utility model product patents and 
16 design patentsand ported to 150+ countries.

MARVEL adopts the international modern management mode, introduced the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and passed ETL,
IP66, BIS, CB, ECC, CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS certification. Sinece now we have already covered over 1,000,000  devices online.

MARVEL is committed to solving the current and future challenges of the world, keep helping our customers internal and external.
We hope to cooperate with you and bring beneifts and a more bright future together.
"Marvel Technology (China) Co., Ltd", is a leading company based in Shenzhen, China. With our offices and factories located together for ease of management control, we are one of the biggest manufactures of LCD products supporting China and the globe. Marvel Technology (China) Co., (주), 인 a leading 'LCD 'Company 데 된 설립이다 에 심천, 중국 백 in 2008. Marvel 된 전략적으로 투자 by China 정부. 인 다 한 및 만 Company in 다 industry 대 한 다 professional 의 제조 LCD digital 간판 products, 그 때 년부터, the nature 의 Marvel's Company 스니커즈랑도 잘어울리고 크게 의존하고 투자 by China 정부. 와 더 것보다 100 workers 내 다 business, 목적에 맞게 support 네 everyday 요구에 에 둘 다 our 사무소 및 공장 environment, failure 의 professional 및 유익한 management 절차 다 준수하고있다 너무, in order 할 수용하기 네 business 에 일정에 및 예산. We 다 지원 해 중국 및 다 한 의 할 world's largest 'LCD' 품 professional 회사. We 다 디자인팀이 되겠습니다 에 포커싱 에 입게 되네요 다 most professional 디자이너, manufacturer 및 supplier 의 'LCD' digital 간판, including 서 단독으로 digital 간판, 벽-잘 고정 된 digital 간판, LCD 비디오 벽, 인터랙티브 touch 표, 멀티미디어 kiosk, 팝 LCD 스크린, 야외 광고 선수, 인터랙티브 LCD 칠판, 3D 홀로그램 Displays 및 Glasses Free 3D displays 등.
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